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At VisionMate Foundation, we believe everyone deserves the gift of sight. We are a not-for-profit organization focused on spreading awareness about eye donation in India. Using digital technology, we make it simple for people to pledge their eyes online and help end corneal blindness. Join our mission to give the gift of vision and improve the lives of millions. Your support can make a real difference. Donate today and help us bring light to those in need.

Our Impact

Transforming Lives through Eye Donation

At VisionMate Foundation, we are committed to raising awareness about eye donation in India. Our digital solutions make it easy for people to pledge their eyes and help eliminate corneal blindness.


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Creating a Brighter Future

Our Key Initiatives

Eye Donation Pledge

Join our mission by pledging your eyes online. We make the process simple and accessible for everyone.

Awareness Campaigns

We conduct digital awareness campaigns to educate people about the importance of eye donation and how it can transform lives.

Eye Bank Support

Eye Bank Support

We support eye banks with technology and training to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in managing eye donations campaigns and inquiries.

Our Best Practices

Committed to a Vision of Health

At VisionMate Foundation, we are dedicated to promoting eye health and awareness. We strive to make eye donation simple, accessible, and impactful for everyone.

We Follow Best Practices

At VisionMate Foundation, we adhere to the highest standards to ensure the effectiveness of our initiatives:

  • Sustainability: Ensuring long-term impact and continuous support for eye donation initiatives.
  • Timely Action: Responding promptly to eye donation needs and pledges.
  • Modern Technology: Utilizing the latest digital tools to enhance our outreach and efficiency.
  • Innovative Solutions: Developing creative approaches to raise awareness and support eye donations.

Tackling Corneal Blindness

Our Strategy to Overcome the Issue

The Problem

Corneal blindness affects nearly 4.9 million people globally, with a significant demand for eye donations in India. In India alone, approximately 1.1 million individuals suffer from corneal blindness, making it the second leading cause of blindness after cataracts (Source: Eye Banks Association of India). Despite the urgent need, the current rate of eye donations in India is only about 28,000 per year (Source: Eye Banks Association of India).

This disparity between demand and supply leads to a long waiting list for corneal transplants, leaving many individuals without the chance to regain their sight. Furthermore, the lack of awareness and misinformation about eye donation contribute to the low donation rates. In fulfilling the need of these deprived populations, we aim to campaign for eye donations. Our initiative is unique as we use digital marketing concepts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the current campaigning system by eye banks, eye hospitals, and associations in India.

Our Solution

  • Extensive Network: We work with around 300 eye banks registered with the Eye Banks Association of India (EBAI) and an additional 400 independent eye banks.
  • Focused Campaigns: Eye banks can concentrate on their core activities while we handle awareness campaigns.
  • Digital Marketing: Our campaigns leverage digital marketing and technology to raise awareness about eye donations.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Unlike traditional campaigns that focus on individual facilities, we create widespread awareness across multiple eye banks and hospitals.
  • Training and Support: We intend to train eye banks and hospitals to use Google Places, helping them become easily discoverable as the nearest eye banks.
  • Nationwide Campaigns: We aim to run digital campaigns to inform people about the importance of eye donations and how to find nearby eye banks via Google Maps in case of eyes donation emergency.
  • Efficient Routing: Eye donation inquiries are directly routed to the nearest eye banks through Google Listings, ensuring prompt action.
  • Awareness and Technology Integration: We create awareness on behalf of all eye banks in India and help them use digital technologies to receive eye donation inquiries effectively.

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